Espadilla Ocean Club

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Welcome To Espadilla Ocean Club!

Welcome to Espadilla Ocean Club

More than vacations, it is an experience!

The EOC sits right next to one of the most incredible beaches, where the Tropical Rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean. Come and live the EOC experience!

One finds a sense of «home» here in the midst of the breathtaking views of the ocean, Manuel Antonio National Park, the wildlife including the Titi, White Faced, and Congo monkeys, and the tranquility in the starry night sky of the Equator. It’s a tour for all the senses and an experience that one should not be denied! It’s the “natural” relationship that we all seek with each other but comes so easily when made in Nature.

Espadilla Ocean Club has all the modern amenities, though, even with WiFi and cell coverage, guests slowly «opt-out» of the devices after a few days and “opt-in” to the stimulation that comes with the surfable, peeling waves, ziplining over the rainforest’s canopy, and soaking at the base of a refreshing waterfalls. Things get simpler here and time slows down. It’s not about “unplugging” or “disconnecting” when this happens. On the contrary, it’s about “plugging in” and a “full-throttle connection!



Guests don’t come to the EOC only for the modern villa only steps from the beach or the made-to-order breakfast or the sighting of one exotic animal or a tropical flower; They come for all of it: Amenities, nature, fun, relaxation, privacy, community, familiar, and new. It is all here, waiting for you to find it, find us, find you! Mother Nature has the most amazing magical way of providing this for us!  She reunites you with you, she leads you back to you! Nature makes this process easy and complete!

Come to the EOC for your tropical vacation and leave here full of experiences! Let the EOC become “Homebase” for your journey! Join us at Espadilla Ocean Club, 9 degrees above the Equator in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!

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