How We Made Our Dreams Come True.

As managing partners of the EOC, we would love to share our story, give you a warm welcome, and invite you to be apart of our “extended family” The EOC has an incredible history, this is how our we made our dream come true: Built off trust, patience and a great need for adventure, a group of partners (13 shares) took a leap of faith in 2008 to come together and buy the property that the EOC sits on today.

Bobby Workman, the managing partner, was a surfer, dabbling in real estate living his dream in Costa Rica. He had been trying to sell this property since 2005, with little success. He always got emotional when he showed the piece of land, because living in the area, he knew that there was little to no properties available that sat so close to the beach in Manuel Antonio.

When the previous owner called him in 2008 lowering the price for quick sale, Bobby started to look at it from a different perspective. Knowing that he had no money of his own to buy, he started looking at business models and partnerships to find a way. He took his family back to the US for a 4 month leave from Costa Rica to travel around and talk to friends about this amazing “slice of paradise.”

While the US was in an economic down turn, he never expected to have the response he did. Funds slowly started to come in and the land was purchased! The dream was in motion, but little did he know the real work was about to begin. Developed on a lot of patience and trust on the part of the partner group of friends that together built an incredibly unique piece of property almost on the beach of Playa Espadilla in Manuel Antonio.

 – Bobby & Shelly Workman

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Team Workman
Please click the link below to read about us as featured in the Wall Street Journal and learn how the dream unfolded


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