We love to host family vacations here at Espadilla Ocean Club. A few weeks ago we had a family with three kids 7, 10, and 11 from New Jersey with us. They shared the highlights of their experience with us and recommendations for other kids to do on their vacations.
“Ziplining high up in the trees, we could see everything coming down the mountain. It was amazing! It felt like flying.
We had surfing lessons one day. We rode about 10- 20 waves and had a blast! When you’re getting on the board it’s easy, but it’s a little hard to get balanced. We had to get in the right position with our hands out and feet a part and bend our knees. Our instructor Jonathan (from Blue Horizon) was really nice. He told us when to get up and paddle and everything. We crashed, fell off, and knocked into each other, but it was so fun! We were so tired after.
The catamaran day was incredible! Jumping off the side of the boat and sliding down the slide to go swimming was awesome. While we were snorkeling we saw stingrays, sea turtles, and so many fish of all different colors: blue, yellow, and black fish with orange stripes.
At Manuel Antonio National Park we saw lots of Monkeys. We found sand dollars and coral at the famous beach.
Eating dinner in the airplane at El Avion was so cool.
On nights when it was raining we played games together like chess and checkers.
It’s hard to say what was the favorite thing, because everything was our favorite. The whole trip.”
It makes us so happy to hear these kind of stories every day! By arranging these experiences for families, we are helping them create memories together that will last a lifetime! Our personal concierge service allows families to create vacation itineraries that work best for the age, interest and activity level of everyone. Come join the EOC vacation experience and let us share the highlights that Manuel Antonio and it’s surrounding area has to offer.

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