Looking at the weather forecast is not the best point of reference when researching your visit to Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. During the “Green Season” you may read that there are storms every day. If it rains, it comes bouts usually late afternoon and/or through the night. Rain usually stops by dawn and days are filled with sunshine and a pleasant tropical temperature with an ocean breeze.

There are two distinct seasons in Costa Rica. The Dry Season/Summer is December through April and Green/Rainy is May through November. Though many people choose to come in Dry Season, there are many reasons to visit Espadilla Ocean Club during the Green Season
Here is a list of our top 5:
We offer special pricing, up to 40% on accommodation rates.
Many airlines, car rentals, and tour companies offer discounts during this time.
Fewer travelers visiting makes for less crowds and more personal attention on tours and at restaurants.
The rain is not every day or all day. It is commonly forgiving and there is enough time for daily activities and tours. Combine that with afternoon naps, a good book or a card game with friends or family and it’s the perfect balance.
More rain means cleaner air and great life energy. Additionally, the rain cools everything down and creates a vibrant, colorful forest.
Vacationing in Costa Rica is amazing anytime of year. If you are looking for a tranquil, refreshing time of rest and a very happy rainforest. come visit us in our Green Season!

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