The Air Villa completes the element circuit and represents freedom and flexibility. The floor plan and stairs are open and light, allowing riskier design ideas to unfold. This villa actually has an additional 1/2 floor which houses the upstairs bathroom. By opening the hand-carved shuttered windows of the upstairs bedrooms, the 2nd floor takes on a energy level of air flow unlike the other villas. Additionally, it’s master bedroom was designed with a Queen bed instead of a King to allow space for an outdoor balcony overlooking the gardens and ocean allowing a comfortable vantage point for sunrise and sunsets.
All-in-all, there has not been a preference of one villa over the other. We believe organically the guests stay with the element that is most suited/needed for them in that moment in time. The balance and relationship with people and their space has evolved naturally and now is noted to be one of the true benefits behind the conscious intention of the EOC’s design!

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