Costa Rica has a variety of flavorful food options. Gathering around the table for meals is a beautiful part of this culture and the people here are proud to share their traditional foods with visitors.
Costa Rica is obviously famous for their tropical fruits! Bananas, pineapple, papaya, mangos, mangas, coconuts, and many more fruits can be found in plenty!
The most popular “pinto” is a mix of rice, black beans, cilantro, red pepper, and onion with a special Lizano sauce served with a fried egg, cheese, and plantain.
A “Casado” is a meal served for lunch or dinner that contains everything you need: a protein like chicken, fish, pork, or beef, rice, beans, and a small salad.
“Arroz con Pollo” is a rice with chicken dish that is made red with a seed called achiote an made with veggies and commonly served with potato chips.
“Ceviche” is a fresh fish dish where the fish or shrimp is cooked in the juice of a lime. It is tart and tangy and refreshing on a hot day in the Costa Rica sun. Quepos is a large fishing port so the seafood is fresh and delicious.
“Picadillo” is a stewed mix of vegetables like ayote, potatoes, palomito, or chayote.
“Chorreadas” are corn tortillas that can made salty or sweet, eaten with sour cream.
“Olla de Carne” is an elaborate yet simple stew commonly made best by grandmothers.
“Arroz con leche” is a delicious dessert enjoyed by many here in Costa Rica.
Our amazing staff prepare the popular pinto breakfast and we offer tipico burritos and casados on our lunch menu. All these foods and flavors can be found here at local restaurants nearby in Manuel Antonio and Quepos or can be prepared for our guest by our private chef! Experiencing the tastes of Costa Rica a little luxury to savor.

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