Celebrating Earth Day at the beginning of this week reminded us all to protect our beautiful planet. We are so fortunate to be located where the tropical rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean. Sustaining our environment is something we are really passionate about every day at Espadilla Ocean Club. We have pursued many ways to reduce our impact and help educate our guests on how to do the same.
We built our beachfront villas mindfully and inspired by the elements of nature. Here are a few of the ways we have found to preserve them:
+Our villas run on 28-35 percent solar power, provided by panels on the property.
+We use an organic septic system and +Biotec soap and vinegar and natural cleaning supplies.
+Many of our mini bar beverages are sold in glass bottles and we have a purified water system we encourage our guests to use to fill their bottles to reduce plastic.
+Separating our trash and recycling daily.
+We don’t feed the monkeys or any animals so they can remain wild and feed themselves.
+We’ve partnered with Pura Sombra, and sell their reef safe organic sunscreen that is also good for your skin.
+We help maintain the cleanliness of our beach and participate in daily beach clean up.
We are surrounded by so much natural beauty and we believe it is our duty and pleasure to steward and maintain the world we live in as much as we enjoy it. We give thanks daily for the way we are nurtured and nourished by nature. It is our joy to care for the bounty it provides us.

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