An incredible family came to stay with us this week. The mother was radiant with positivity and wearing a shirt that said “Everyday Matters.” When asked what it was about, she explained that she had overcome breast cancer a couple years ago and it was from a friend’s organization that encouraged her. She and her family really valued each other, their lives, and health especially after overcoming so much together.
The whole family came to us so excited about the best way to spend their family vacation.
They chose Costa Rica because they wanted somewhere interesting and educational to explore during their spring break. Not being the type to just lay on the beach, this adventurous family wanted an educational and cultural experience. During their time here they did just that and truly made every day matter.
Waking up early with the sun, they explored Manuel Antonio National Park. Our trusty guide Berny shared his knowledge of the forest with the 3 kids who are wildlife enthusiasts. Together with their parents they learned plenty of fun new facts, such as there are 4 species of monkey in Costa Rica but only 3 in this area: White faced Capuchin, Squirrel, and Congo (Howler) monkeys.
Kayaking through the mangroves, they saw different species of wildlife and learned about the unique ecosystem. They caught some waves with an afternoon surf lesson at Espadilla beach and spent quality time as a family eating dinner together at local restaurants. The youngest girl loved to play the guitar in the villa and it may have sparked a new musical interest. This family shared experiences they will remember forever.

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