Espadilla Ocean Club is thrilled to partner with local small businesses to offer our guests quality products made in Costa Rica. Last year at the local Quepos farmers market, we met Sam and Amber from Jaco who let us sample some of their handmade Kombucha. It was the best we’ve ever tasted. Being kombucha brewers ourselves, we know a good blend when we taste it. We stocked up and consumed most of the product ourselves while also sharing with our guests. Not only do we enjoy the taste of the drink, but our health has greatly improved!
Pacifica Kombucha protects your liver, strengthens your immune system, takes care of your joints, stops heartburn, improves digestion, normalizes intestinal transit, prevents diabetes, and energizes the mind and body.
The process of making Kombucha is very simple yet involved and interesting. It is simply tea that has gone through a fermentation process. The tea is mixed with organic sugar and fermented by a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast ) it is then bottled to naturally carbonated. It is a refreshing and healthy treat on a hot Costa Rica day. Pacifica Kombucha has become the taste of the Pacific coast for us here in Manuel Antonio.
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