The Mangrove forest is one of 12 ecosystems in Costa Rica. Mangrove trees are wild looking trees with exposed roots that grow in what is called “brackish” water. This system of water is usually called an estuary, which is an environment where fresh water joins the salt water.
Mangrove forests are important for producing oxygen, protecting the coastlines during the swells of storms, and filtering pollution, trapping garbage from the rivers before it meets the ocean.
These forests are home to many fish, baby sharks, caiman, crocodiles, crabs, iguana, snakes, and birds. We are happy to partner with our friends at Safari Adventures to offer a kayak and boat tour just 20 minutes away.
Our guests reported back this story from their tour this weekend:
“What a fun adventure today was! Our guide Gill was so happy to share fun facts and show us new things. On the drive to the destination he stopped and picked up Cashew fruit for us to try, it was so interesting to taste and learn about where cashews come from. The whole tour was very educational. We learned so much about the Mangrove ecosystem. We saw 3 of the different types of mangrove trees and so many animals. The boat ride was so nice and relaxing. The light through the trees was sparkling on the water making for magical moments. We imagined we were on a wild treasure hunt as we kept finding new exciting things along the way. We felt like crocodile hunters or like we were in Jurassic Park. The tour ended at a beautiful restaurant in Quepos we would have never known about where we had a delicious fish casado. “

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