When you stay in Manuel Antonio, expect to be surprised and delighted by monkeys wherever you go. You may wake up one morning to them hanging outside your window near your kitchen gazing at your bananas, or splashing in your pool in the heat of the day. Monkeys are everywhere around here. They are amazing, intelligent, wild and cute creatures. We respect them by not feeding or touching them and giving them their space.
We were joined today at Espadilla Ocean Club by a crew of 8 little monkeys jumping from the roof, up trees, swinging from branches, splashing in our pools, and leaving a carpet of petals from the flowering vines. It was hilarious and exciting. All our guests gathered to see what was going on, while keeping our distance we found so much entertainment for the afternoon. It was a monkey party! It brought the guests from different villas together to find they were both from New York! One guest said “we travel halfway around the world and meet people from New York watching monkeys on the beach!”
We loved the connections made here with nature, animals, and each other.

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