Rainy season has arrived here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! But don’t let that deter you from planning your trip during these months! Rainy season typically lasts from April – December. There are many great reasons to visit during the ‘low season’; discount prices on accommodations in Manuel Antonio, less visitors (you could have a beach practically to yourself!), lush green jungles, an abundance of fresh fruit, the list can go on…

Rainy season in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica does not mean that there will be rain all day, every day. IF it rains, it will typically rain during the afternoons and maybe during parts of the night. Sometimes there may be a peaceful morning drizzle which clears up as the sun pierces through the clouds. We love rainy season because there is still plenty of sunshine to get an early start on all of the activities you have planned. The rain can be quite cool and more refreshing during this time as well. Also, surfing, rafting, and other tours are well suited for this season.

If you’re planning your vacation during the rainy season, here are some extra items we recommend you bring with you:

1. Umbrella
2. Water resistant shoes
3. Bug repellent
4. Waterproof case for electronics
5. Water resistant backpack
6. A dry sack (for extra piece of mind that your items will not get wet)
7. Rain jacket
8. Light pair of pants
9. Light long sleeve shirt
10. Quick dry clothing

If you have any more questions about visiting during the rainy season, feel free to contact us here at the Espadilla Ocean Club. We will be happy to provide recommendations to get the most out of your vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!

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