During a visit to Costa Rica, you will surly be surrounded by healthy cuisine! The food here in nutritious, colorful, and simply delicious! Each area in the country you can find farmers markets which are packed with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and some national favorites.

Try out a fresh pippa (young coconut) to quench your thirst on a steamy day, munch on some green mangos sprinkled with salt and lime, or try a home made empanada for a snack. Ceviche, papayas, pineapples, and so much more! All fresh, and all very ‘rico’ (tasty).

If you’re planning your first trip to Costa Rica or if you’re a repeat visitor, tantalize your tastebuds with all of the fantastic, healthy food the country has to offer, and don’t feel guilty about it either… We recommend trying a ‘Casado.’ A typical dish here of rice, beans, vegetables, and meat which will give you a boost of energy to keep up with all of the activities you have planned.

Pure life, pure food.

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