So about a couple of times every year my family and I get to stay at the EOC.  Next week will be that time.  I like to reminisce about how the EOC, the beaches and the jungle helped me raise, and still does, my children.  When they were infants, I thought we would never survive the heat of the equator, or 9 degrees above to be exact.  Then, with a crying baby, or 2, I would walk just a few steps and we could immerse our bodies into the Pacific Ocean.  There was instant relief!  As much as it seemed like the waters soothed my babies, I feel like it might have soothed me more.  At a time where I was so sleep deprived and hardly could make a meal for myself, Mother Nature was caring for me, for us once again.  It only continued, there was the freshest place for the girls to nap.  Right at that line where you could feel the air come from the ocean and cut the heat.  The shade from the palm trees there was so epic.  It was like the “sweet spot” of the beach.  I usually had them in a stroller, but occasionally I would take the pack-n-play and at times, they would just sleep on a blanket right on top of the sand.  This was a potent place where I could find rest, as well.  A nice capper for the afternoon of restoration  was the fresh coconut to drink from, upon waking.  The beach is filled with young” pipas” with sweet coconut water. A refreshing delight!  I guess I could go on, but I will close with the most incredible sensation that I would receive to finish the day.  In all honesty, majority of my gifts would come at sunset.  Everyday it would seem more picturesque. I knew if I hadn’t gotten to the beach during the day, if I could just make it to see the sunset, I would feel complete.

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