My good friend visited us long ago. She shared her thought with me about her first night of sleeping. She said,  “Oh, I am out of the city and I am finally away from all of that noise!  I’m going to have a great night sleep.”  That night, the air was cool, so she thought to sleep to the open air.  In the morning, I was so excited for her to speak of her long awaited rest.  She said, “Shelley, do you know how noisy ‘your’ jungle is?”  I guess like anything, I had grown used to it.  She said,” I didn’t sleep a wink!”  She started to explain that she really realized that she had grown used to the sirens and the traffic and the ambulances, but in the night here,there were bugs and birds and monkeys and other animals communicating to each other all night long! There were so many sounds that she didn’t know.  And, she didn’t realize she didn’t know. Then,  she went on a “guided nature hike” at night, She saw frogs and snakes and owls and bats.  After we started talking about the statistic that 80% of animals are nocturnal!  That really only 20% of all other mammals are like us!  Whether that is the actual number or not, was not the point.  The point is, we forget about this amazingly, “rockin” nightlife of the jungle, especially when we are with the “nightlife” of the city.  It is incredible to be a part of both and honor both.  Hope to share with you the “rockin’ nightlight of the jungle.”  Pura Vida!

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