I have really started to see nature in a way that resembles a band.  Where each tree, animal, beach has its instrumental part in the “master song.”  One could not have this song without each other.  We are indepentant and dependent in so many ways.  I think I first started to notice this when we had to cut down a few dying mango trees in the beginning stages of building the EOC.  We actually had to go through an incredible amount of beuracracy with the local environmental protection department.  In fact, at the time, it felt to me like we submitted more than 2 trees worth of paperwork to get permission to cut down the 2 for safety reasons.  Then, a day later, I went to see how the work was being completed.  There sat a tribe of howler monkeys right on the edge of the tree line.  The place where they relied on the vast limb, of the now cut down old mango tree, that once extended for them to complete their journey from mountain to sea. No lie, they looked down at me and howled as howler monkeys do.  I think much about it at first.  Then, it became certain that they were talking to me, explaining “their side of the situation.”  I am not claiming to be a :monkey whisperer.”  But, that day, the demanded my attention and I obliged.  I dropped what I was doing and into compassion with them.  I started talking back.  It really went back and forth for about 15 min. I finally just said, “sorry” and asked for forgiveness.  Their tone changed.  As crazy as it sounds, this really happened to me!  And, they somehow found another route.  It exemplified the intense responsibility we have in relationship.  It is true in every relationship with have and in every move we make.  And, if for some reason we forget or have to do something that negatively affects someone else, it is important to ask for forgiveness and see if you can offer a gift of restoration to mend a previous “contract”. That is my desire for us, for all of us.  Pura Vida!

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