Even before I lived here and would come as a visitor, I remembered myself saying, «if I can just get my feet in the sand (Costa Rican sand), I know this pain in my knee will go away ( or whatever pain I was having at the time for that matter).»  Seriously, no lie! I would get here and 2-3 days would go by (sometimes less) and I would feel 5-10 years younger and pain free!  Someone once said to me, «the most powerful healing energy comes at the «tideline» where the sea meets land. «

I often exercise in the mornings at Espadilla Beach in front of the EOC, I consciously walk this line.  Here, the ocean breaks and softens the earth.  The soft sand is a place where I find it a bit harder to walk, but somehow in this challenge, inevitably «softens» me too.  As I really use my muscles, they merge with the earth and my view of everything is refreshed.  There is peace and beauty presents itself, once again.  I ask myself, «is it the energy that vibrates at this line or is it just the positive mindset that makes me feel light?»  Regardless, I feel renewed.  If you have been here, you probably know what I’m talking about.  Maybe you just felt it and didn’t talk about it or maybe you did.  None-the-less,  Espadilla Beach is not just a concept I write about.  It’s potent and healing and real!  It’s a place that gets into your cells and becomes a friend and place for renewal.  For all that is here, I am grateful to be «barefoot in the sand.» Thank you and pura vida.

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