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What does the perfect Costa Rica family vacation look like?  How about staying in a new modern luxury villa that is only a 30 second trail walk to one of the most amazing beaches in all of Costa Rica, a 5 minute walk to the world renowned Manuel Antonio National Park, and a complete immersion into one of Costa Rica’s most energetic tropical rainforests!  Oh and don’t forget your own private swimming pool to relax in day or night.  At Espadilla Ocean Club’s beachfront vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio, all of this is your reality

Espadilla Ocean Club

Unbeatable Beachfront Location

Espadilla Ocean Club
200 meters Northeast of Playa Espadilla
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica  60601

Not only are we one of only 4 beachfront  Manuel Antonio vacation rentals (not many beachfront hotels either), but we’re also just a few minutes walk to Manuel Antonio National Park and tons of great restaurants and shops.

“Our rhythms”

I have really started to see nature in a way that resembles a band.  Where each tree, animal, beach has its instrumental part in the "master song."  One could not have this song without each other.  We are indepentant and dependent in so many ways.  I think I first...

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The rockin’ “nightlife” of the jungle

My good friend visited us long ago. She shared her thought with me about her first night of sleeping. She said,  "Oh, I am out of the city and I am finally away from all of that noise!  I'm going to have a great night sleep."  That night, the air was cool, so she...

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The “Ultimate” Mother

So about a couple of times every year my family and I get to stay at the EOC.  Next week will be that time.  I like to reminisce about how the EOC, the beaches and the jungle helped me raise, and still does, my children.  When they were infants, I thought we would...

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