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Is Costa Rica and Espadilla Ocean Club for me? And Costa Rica good for families?
Where can I exchange money?

You can exchange in the airport where you pick up your baggage but the rates are typically higher than banks. Tourists should not exchange money before leaving the U.S., as American agents will give them significantly worse rates if even available. We advise to use an ATM when arriving in Costa Rica and to pull out Costa Rica Colones. This is a much easier option of going to a bank. There is an ATM at the baggage terminal in the San Jose International Airport (SJO) In Quepos there are 2 ATMs and 1 on the Beach at a 5 min. car drive from EOC (also is at a walking distance) Just using your debit card to get money is better than carrying cash and exchanging it in hotels.

What are the entry and visa requirements for a trip to Costa Rica?

To enter the country, you must have a passport that remains valid for at least six months past the end of your trip. If you are from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, the U.S. or a country in Europe (barring Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia), you can stay in Costa Rica for 90 days without a visa. Travelers from Australia, Belize, China, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines and Venezuela can visit the country for 30 days without needing a visa.

Is there an entry or exit tax in Costa Rica?

Most airlines are now including this exit tax in the cost of the airline ticket. You can check with your airline ahead of time or you can just go to the airport and your airline will let you know if you need to pay the departure tax or if it was included in your ticket.

Is Costa Rican water safe to drink?

Generally, yes. You can always get bottled water for your trip, but the water in Costa Rica is said to be safe. In fact, international brewing company Heineken has chosen Costa Rica as the only Central American country where its beer can be made, indicating that the nation’s water is of a high quality

Do I need to brush up on my Spanish before I get there?
Only if you want to! Most everyone who works in the tourism industry (hotels, shops, restaurants, taxis, etc) in Costa Rica is bilingual, so you will have no problem getting by. Locals always appreciate your effort to speak Spanish with them and will be excited to try and help you learn! If you just know one phrase before coming here, it should be “pura vida” which is Costa Rica`s motto…and if you don`t know what “pura vida” means yet, then you definitely have to come to Costa Rica to experience it for yourself!


Are there restaurants within walking distance?

Yes! There are many restaurants and shops within a 10 minute walk down the beach. We recommend these places for breakfast or lunch. For dinner, all the best restaurants are a 5-10 min taxi ride away and we are more than happy to let you know our favorite recommendations! But  Best closest Breakfasts are right here at our «Gather» restaurant, which is an open air space where our staff will offer you a great Breakfast feast!

What is the easiest way to get groceries?

After a long day of travel, nothing is better than being welcomed to your villa with your fridge already stocked with food and drinks! We offer a service we call “Stock the Fridge”…your online concierge will get your grocery and/ or bar list from you and everything will be ready for your arrival.  There are also many supermarket in the area if you prefer to go for a little shopping around town!

What are the tipping standards?

All of the service industry in Costa Rica add a 10% service fee to the bill by law.  if you are pleased by the service received you are welcome to give a little more, an easy rule of thumb is to give $5 to $10 per day per service received or an extra 10% or more of the overall bill.

For tipping the EOC staff, we believe in tipping as a reflection of the service…we will provide you with envelopes at the end of your stay so you can tip the staff accordingly (our staff includes housekeeping, maintenance, security and concierge).

What are the best tours and activities to do and how do I book them?

We offer a complimentary online concierge service to help plan your vacation before your arrival and who knows about the best tours and activities in the area and all of Costa Rica (that way you can be guaranteed availability for tours and will have more time to relax instead of worrying about making plans while you`re here)!  Click here to see some of them

If I do not have a rental car, how do I get around?

There are many bilingual local taxis in the area. The average taxi cost is $8- $10. Also, there are shops and restaurants within a 10 minute walk down the beach! If you prefer to get a rental car once here, our online concierge service can help you with the local agencies

Does the villa include sheets and beach towels?

Yes. Although our villas are considered “vacation homes”, they really tend to be a cross between that and a hotel suite. 

Please note below additional amenities:

-Travel size shampoo, conditioner and body wash


-Dish soap and sponge

-Toilet paper and paper towels

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