The Menus


Fresh Local Ingredients.

Real Flavors.


 All Breakfasts include: Fresh Fruit plate, Juice, Coffee or Tea

Gallo Pinto

Authentic Tico Costa Rican Breakfast

Mixed Rice & Beans, Eggs, Fried, Sweet Plantain and a side of the day

Tico Burrito

Gallo Pinto, Sweet Plantain, Cheese and Sausage, Fresh Salsa and Sour Cream on the side


Eggs, Meat and a choice of Toasts or Pancakes


 2 Pancakes with choice of local Sausage

The Mini-Bar snacks

  • Oreo cookies

  • Sesame Breadsticks

  • Bruno’s Chocolate (Costa Rican Organic)

  • Pringles Chip

  • Plantain strips 

  • Planters Nuts Variety


  • Pina Colada

  • Margarita

  • Mangorita hot

  • Mojito

  • Daiquiri

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Bloody Mary

  • Wine Slushies

  • National Beers

  • Local Craft Beers

  • Mini Sodas

  • Water

  • Smoothies with water or milk

  • Kombucha

  • Wine

Express Picnic at the Beach 

Fresh Chicken Fingers with Fries

 Fish Fingers with fries

EOC Burrito Tipico

Rice and beans, cheese, lettuce and your choice chicken, fish or beef, fresh salsa and sour cream served on the side

California Burrito

Chicken, cheese, lettuce, avocado, fresh salsa and sour cream served on the side

Grilled Quesadilla

Flour tortilla filled with cheese, fresh salsa, and sour cream served on the side

Also available with an extra of Chicken 

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

With fries Everything of a traditional Club with all fresh local ingredients 

Also available with an extra of  Avocado 

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