If you’re planning a visit in Costa Rica or if you’ve already been here, perhaps you’ve been luck enough to see a sloth up close. Sometimes a sloth can even be spotted crossing the road, in which case traffic will stop to let our slow wildlife make it’s away across.

What should you do if you see a sloth crossing the road in Manuel Antonio?

– Unless the sloth is in immediate danger, it is NOT recommended to touch or pick up the sloth
– Simply allow the sloth to slowly be on his way at his own pace

Why should you not handle a sloth?

– Sloths should not be handled by humans due to bacterias we could pass on to them
– Sloths have their own micro-organism growing on their backs! Their fur contains fungi, algae, and insects. It’s best not to disturb.
– The sloth may become in destress by being handled

If you’re lucky enough to get to see a sloth up close, which we hope you are, just remember that our sleepy friends would prefer not to be touched.

Pura Vida!

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