Sunsets in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica are vibrant, colorful, and simply magical. Besides the stunning views, there’s more to this time of day that makes it quite special…

Sunset is the time of day where a number of visitors and residents gather on the beach together to watch the sun dip below the ocean horizon together. If you look around you’ll see families enjoying their beach time favorite snacks, friends kicking a soccer ball around, loved ones admiring the beauty around them, and new friends sharing first time memories.

There truly is more to sunset than what simply meets the eye. It’s a time to stop, be present, reflect, and take in the pristine sights, sounds, and smells that make this part of the country so loved.

Have you had the chance to experience a sunset in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica? This is a Pura Vida experience you surely will remember for the rest of your life!

The Espadilla Ocean Club is located mere steps away from the beach. The perfect location to make sunset memories throughout your entire trip in Costa Rica! Our Beachfront Vacation Villas in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, are walking distance to the National Park, restaurants, and surrounded by wildlife.

This will surely be a trip you won’t forget!

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