Did you know there are HEALTH benefits of visiting the beach?

It’s no surprise that vacationers flock to the coastlines each year during their time away from work. There’s something truly soothing about the salty air, warm sand, and waves crashing along the shore. Who knew that your beach getaways are actually benefiting your health! Here’s how…

5 Health Benefits of Visiting the Beach:

1. Relieves stress
2. Great for sleep
3. Get your daily amount of vitamin D in just 10 minutes at the beach
4. Breathe easier
5. Increase your body’s levels of iodine by swimming in the ocean

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to plan your vacation to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and reap the many health benefits of visiting the beach! At the Espadilla Ocean Club our Beachfront Villas in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica are 40% OFF from April 15 – June 15, AND September 1st – November 30th (excluding Thanksgiving week). Start planning your break now and soak in some vitamin sea!

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